Pass Ftmo Challenge Review: How To Succeed In Trading?


The FTMO Challenge is a popular trading evaluation program that allows traders to showcase their skills and potentially receive funding for their trading accounts. However, passing the challenge is not an easy feat. In this review, we will discuss how to succeed in the FTMO Challenge and share some tips to help you pass.

Understanding the FTMO Challenge

The FTMO Challenge is a two-step evaluation process that tests a trader’s ability to manage risk and generate profits. The first step is the Challenge, which requires traders to trade a simulated account with set rules and risk management parameters. If the trader successfully completes the Challenge, they can move on to the Verification stage, where they trade a live account with funding provided by FTMO.

Step 1: The Challenge

To pass the Challenge, traders must meet the following criteria:

  • Generate a profit of at least 10% on the account
  • Limit the maximum drawdown to 10%
  • Complete the Challenge within 30 days

Step 2: The Verification

The Verification stage is where traders can receive funding from FTMO. To pass the Verification, traders must meet the following criteria:

  • Generate a profit of at least 5% on the account
  • Limit the maximum drawdown to 10%
  • Trade with the same risk management parameters as the Challenge

Tips for Passing the FTMO Challenge

Here are some tips to help you succeed in the FTMO Challenge:

1. Understand the Rules

Before starting the Challenge, make sure you understand the rules and risk management parameters. This includes the maximum daily loss, maximum position size, and maximum number of trades. Failure to adhere to these rules can result in disqualification.

2. Develop a Solid Trading Plan

A trading plan is essential for success in the FTMO Challenge. It should include your trading strategy, risk management plan, and money management rules. Stick to your plan and avoid emotional trading decisions.

3. Focus on Consistency

Consistency is key in the FTMO Challenge. Avoid taking unnecessary risks and focus on generating steady profits. This will help you meet the profit and drawdown requirements.

4. Use Proper Risk Management

Proper risk management is crucial in the FTMO Challenge. Use a stop-loss on every trade and avoid overleveraging your account. This will help you limit your losses and avoid blowing up your account.

5. Keep a Trading Journal

Keeping a trading journal is a great way to track your progress and identify areas for improvement. Record your trades, including the entry and exit points, and review your performance regularly.


Passing the FTMO Challenge requires discipline, patience, and a solid trading plan. By understanding the rules, developing a solid strategy, and using proper risk management, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to stay consistent, avoid emotional trading decisions, and keep a trading journal to track your progress. Good luck!